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Real names:Pedro Matias
Type:Live Act
Music style:Psychedelic Trance

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Exolon is Pedro Matias aka dj Fluxo, one of the pioneer psytrance artists from Portugal.

He has been active since 1998 on the electronic psychedelic scene. Co-founder of the Quest4Goa collective and co-creator of more then a decade of parties and festivals in Portugal, he is also part of other musical projects such as Chilled C"Quence, Uasca and Photonik. During his journey he had the pleasure to play some of his projects in amazing festivals and parties such as Boom Festival, Hadra, Al Andalluz, Dream Gathering, Sonica among others. A long path of dedication and love for psychedelic trance music allowed forces to be gathered to materialize the sonic representation of Fluxo dancefloor vision: Exolon.

Exolon results on a highly danceable experience, thru interesting explorations of cosmic realms of trance. Music that fills up your senses and conduce emotions. Dance and feel the rhythmic patterns and uplifting melodies leading you into trance as they reveal themselves thru spiritual electronica in a full-powered grid of evolving positive frequencies.

Since June 2016 Exolon keeps playing his project live in major Portuguese events, obtaining a great and crescent reaction and feedback from both crowd and organizers. His music captivated the interest of the powerful Boom Shankar German based label BMSS Records, wich released his debut EP and invited him to join Exolon to label"s roster and therefore welcoming him to this wonderful family of psychedelic visionary artists.

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Forest Soul Festival (Portugal / 2017)
Magic New Year (Portugal / 2017)
Infected Guitars (Portugal / 2016)
Insomnia Festival (Portugal / 2017)
Billion Stars Hotel (Portugal / 2016)
Magic Heartland I (Portugal / 2016)
Emotions (Portugal / 2015 / 2016)
Waking Life (Portugal / 2016)


Boom Festival (Portugal / 2006)
Al Andaluz Festival (Spain / 2008)
Dream Gathering (Ireland / 2013)
ZNA Gathering (Portugal / 2014 / 2016)