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S.U.N. Festival 2024

S.U.N. Festival : New Beginnings ☀️ 08. - 14.07.2024 📍Csobánkapuszta - Hungary 🇭🇺

The main festival season in Europe is about to kick off, and we are excited to returning to our beloved annual family gathering: S.U.N. Festival in Hungary.

S.U.N. has become one of the most authentic non-profit Psytrance festivals in Europe, as highlighted by The Guardian in their article, "Partying, but not for profit – 8 ethical music festivals in the UK and Europe." This year, the festival is once again opening its doors to welcome new members. With its unique concept and dedicated Psytrance community, S.U.N. is undoubtedly one of the best outdoor festivals to attend this year.

In case you are looking for a non-profit and community based underground Psytrance Festival with a vibe reminiscent of the golden era of the 90s and a size and vibe suitable for Trancers of all ages and backgrounds, look no further and join us Solar.United.Natives 🌻

This year, we are present with the following BMSS Records artists:

🔱 Argon Sphere 🔱 Boom Shankar 🔱 Datacult 🔱 E-Motion 🔱 Exolon 🔱 KiAnn 🔱 Kundalini 🔱 Luminous 🔱 MAOA 🔱 Muatoy 🔱 PiERO 🔱 Protonix 🔱 Soul Kontakt 🔱 The Quasars 🔱 The Trancemancer 🔱

See you in the S.U.N.shine - we can`t wait to celebrate the beauty of life, love and friendship with all of you! ❤️

Further information & trip details: Solar.United.Natives on Facebook | Solar.United.Natives Website

BMSS Records at SUN 2024

Out now on BMSS Records: Arkadia - Space Gate

After a couple of rather nocturnal releases, we are back on the sunny side of Trance with our upcoming release titled "Space Gate".

The unimaginable extent of space has always confounded the human mind. With his rip-roaring new track Space Gate, Arkadia evokes this spiritual connection between the unbounded possibilities of our consciousness and the never-ending expanse of the galaxy.

Refining his trademark sound, the Portuguese producer fuses captivating daytime melodies with a futuristic full-power vibe and brain-melting production tricks and trips.

Let Space Gate take your spirit on a hypersonic intergalactic quest!


01: Arkadia - Space Gate

Mastering: Plus Six Mastering
Design: Sketch inc.

Release date:

28.06.24 via Beatport and 12.07.24 via Bandcamp

Madness # 1 on Beatport

A few days after its release, "Madness" has reached the pole position in the Beatport Psytrance charts. Congrats to Mind Lab and Muatoy for staying true to themselves and for keeping their sonic manifestations truly original. We are grateful seeing our releases being received so overwhelmingly well! Thank you everyone for supporting our label, family and narrative of #keepingitholistic! ❤️

In case you haven`t checked out those three nocturnal gems yet, listen to them via our SoundCloud page, via Spotify or download them from Beatport or soon as well from our Bandcamp.

▶️ Download: Beatport
▶️ Listen: Soundcloud
▶️ Listen: Spotify
▶️ Watch: YouTube

Stay tuned as we will release another EP of Mind Lab and one as well of Muatoy plus his alias Frosty Fennic this summer. More info soon...

Out now on BMSS: Mind Lab - Madness EP

Prepare for a journey to the depths of insanity and beyond with Mind Lab`s fresh EP "Madness".

Featuring 3 fast and furious nighttime blasters - and a massive collaboration with Finnish studio wizard Muatoy - the Greek veteran producer and BMSS stalwart displays his reputed production skills in all their glory.

Abyss deep groovy basslines propel the tracks at a supersonic pace; accompanied by precision-crafted percussion, consciousness-warping sound design and an absolute frenzy of metallic FM textures.


01: Mind Lab - Hypothetical Dimension | 146
02: Mind Lab - Madness | 148
03: Mind Lab & Muatoy - Visual Experience | 148

Mastering: Plus Six Mastering
Design: Sketch inc.

Release date:

14.06.24 via Beatport and 28.06.24 via Bandcamp

Black Magic #1 on Beatport

It took a week, but here we are: congrats to The Trancemancer and "Black Magic" for reaching the pole position in the Beatport charts! Thank you everyone for supporting our label, family and narrative of #keepingitholistic! ❤️

In case you haven`t checked out Black Magic yet, listen to it via our SoundCloud page, via Spotify or download the tracks from Beatport or from Bandcamp.

▶️ Download: Bandcamp
▶️ Download: Beatport
▶️ Listen: Soundcloud
▶️ Listen: Spotify
▶️ Watch: YouTube

Stay tuned as we are already busy working on the next release of The Trancemancer. More info soon...

Out now on BMSS: The Trancemancer - Black Magic EP

French producer The Trancemancer makes a welcome return to his home label BMSS with a stunning new EP "Black Magic".

Celebrating the occult, this fresh 2-tracker evokes a dark and mysterious underworld, a mystical place where different realities intertwine, a place where mystical shadows merge with subconscious cerebral activity - a place where our very existence is questioned, and where fleeting glimpses of a subliminal reality come into focus.

Treading a fine thread between light and dark, "Black Magic" is a fast-and-furious effervescent voyage into deep psychedelia. Buckle-up and prepare yourself for this blasting ride!


01: The Trancemancer - Black Magic
02: The Trancemancer - Do we see Reality?

STEM Mastering: Plus Six Mastering
Design: Sketch inc.

Release date:

31.05.24 via Beatport and 14.06.24 via Bandcamp

Free Download: VA | Holisticism

Following the announcement of the new and upgraded BMSS Records roster for 2024 - which features a plethora of worldwide psychedelic talent old and new - the label has decided to thank its new fans and its legion of dedicated followers with a free compilation, available now exclusively on Bandcamp.

Highlighting the BMSS #keepingitholistic motto, this is a carefully crafted selection of strictly underground, uncompromising, 100% proof psychoactive gems from the label`s deep and rich back catalogue. Reflecting its varied roster, and the abundance of creativity it holds, it’s an eclectic journey through psychedelic soundcraft - a mind-altering trip that is at once firmly entrenched in the psychedelic scene`s roots, as it is in a never-ending quest for cutting-edge sonic enchantment.

This one goes out to the extended BMSS Records family: the close-knit fellowship of producers and DJs that make the label what it is, the dedicated team that work tirelessly behind the scenes...and of course you: the psychonaut; the psychedelic traveller; the visionary dancer; the emblem of an inclusive, peaceful and united world.

Thank you all for your continuous support and we hope you will enjoy this journey! ❤️

Music provided by our following artists:

Argon Sphere | Ascent | Boom Shankar | BunkerJack | By The Rain | Datacult | E-Motion | Exolon | Inverse Out | Kundalini | Luminous | Main Ape | MAOA | Mind Lab | Molecularia | Muatoy | Oumuamua | Plasmatix | Sabretooth | Soul Kontakt | The Quasars | The Trancemancer | Total Eclipse | Triceradrops | Triton

Download Holisticism from our Bandcamp page here. At check out, simply enter zero, and you can download it for free.

Out now on BMSS: Amplify & Protonix - Hanuman

BMSS Records unveils an electrifying collaboration between the Mexican wizard Amplify and the Indian luminary Protonix.

The result seamlessly weaves through the fabric of spacetime, crafting a futuristic sonic narrative that intricately unravels the mystique surrounding the legendary Hanuman.

A triplets-based introduction makes way for explosive full-on vibes, where ethereal ethnic vocals fuse with cutting-edge synths. These musical maestros will transport you to another realm as tradition meets innovation in this masterful blend of styles.


01: Amplify & Protonix - Hanuman

STEM Mastering: Plus Six Mastering
Design: Sketch inc.

Release date:

17.05.24 via Beatport and 31.05.24 via Bandcamp

18.05.2024 Deck Wizards: Boom Shankar

Catch our BMSS Records label baba Boom Shankar this Saturday in Southern Germany`s longest running venue for electronic music and underground club culture: Club Douala Ravensburg.

Known for his extensive and intensive marathon sets, we are looking forward to an exclusive 5-hour+ impromptu voyage into the realms of Psytrance! 🔱

See you on the dancefloor, this will be one for the books! 🙏

☀️ 18.05.2024 | 🚴‍♂️ Abfahrt 22:00 | 🏁 Ankunft ungewiss | 📍 Douala Ravensburg | Germany | 45 minutes from 🇨🇭 & 🇦🇹

Further information & trip details: Club Douala on Facebook | Event on Facebook

Out now on BMSS: Sabretooth - The Driving Force EP

Ben Fraser presents the masterful "The Driving Force" EP on his home label BMSS. Including two high octane daytime blasters, the title track is a monumental soaring psychedelic anthem, whilst "Quantum Collapse" is a driving heads-down 303-fuelled workout.

Reflecting Ben`s ability to fuse spellbinding melodies with tough, driving trance, these two high calibre dancefloor beasts are ready for your festival season sonic arsenal!


01: Sabretooth - The Driving Force
02: Sabretooth - Quantum Collapse

Mastering: Plus Six Mastering
Design: Ben Fraser

Release date:

03.05.24 via Beatport and 17.05.24 via Bandcamp

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