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Various Artists
Multiverse Chronicles

Format:CD and Digital
Catalogue no.:BMSS1CD012
Release date:2015-01-16
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BMSS Artists on the release

Datacult, ManMadeMan, , PsiloCybian

Release info

Dj Tsubi, one of the latest members of the continuously growing BMSS Records family, has been an active participant of the Psy Trance scene since 2000. Listening to his first compilation and the various tales it unfolds, we can take a glimpse into the alternate realities of his musical multiverse.

Cutting edge Psytrance and a classic touch, uplifting melodies and sounds of the darkest forests, the most danceable groovy rhythms and massive technoid beats, ancient chants and computer-programmed melodies - all have earned their place in this selection of exceptional tracks by internationally well-known artists such as Braincell, PsiloCybian, ManMachine or Para Halu as well as promising new talents like Sequoya, Datacult, Labyr1nth, Aurafood, Spiritcat or Hadron Orchestra.

A perfect reflection of a label philosophy with only one goal in mind - spreading quality psychedelic electronic music.

Artwork by Souldust
Mastering by Storm Mastering