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Real names:Csaba Gyocsos
Style:Sun and Moon
Music style:Psychedelic & Progressive Trance

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Music has played an integral part in Tsubi"s life ever since his early childhood. While all the other boys were climbing trees or digging up worms in the backyard, Tsubi found himself being drawn to his fathers record player. His father"s vinyl collection served as his first musical building blocks, and having introduced himself to some of fundamental artists and genres, he quickly started to form a thirst for more.

The passing years saw Tsubi expanding his horizons from simply enjoying all that the colorful musical palette has to offer, to collaborating with others to create ways for others to enjoy it too. He started getting into the electronic music scene in his early school years, and having already accumulated an impressive collection of his own, started organizing parties with other like-minded music enthusiasts. 

By the time he reached his late teens, Tsubi and a fellow dj friend were throwing parties that gathered sizable crowds of people out for a fresh, underground experience. His constant search for anything new and exciting eventually led him to his first Psytrance party in 1999. He got his finger on the Hungarian Psytrance pulse after just a year, and quickly became one of the scene"s must-haves. In the years to follow, Tsubi was invited to play by pretty much all the underground party organizers in the country, and became a well-known favorite at the best Psy events the local scene has to offer. Since joining Bubble"s Human Touch booking agency in 2005, Tsubi has shown just how versatile and open he is musically, which has been one of his major success factors. His adaptability to any given event, the line up, and the overall vibe has allowed him to showcase his incredible knowledge of different genres and how to build on, and play with them.

Tsubi"s evolved taste in sound and many years of mastering the art of mixing took him further around the world to spread the dance grooves. He has since been invited to play at some major events like Boom, Ozora, S.U.N, Glade, Full-Moon, Hill-Top, Bakony and Sziget. With over a decade of experience, fused influences, and unlimited interest in all that is electronic, Tsubi has now taken the next step and started a party series with friends. The fresh collaboration, called Loading Zone, focuses on introducing party goers to artists and sounds that have yet to claim their territory in the Hungarian scene. With a deep understanding of what is needed to keep feet moving, people smiling, and the crowd screaming for more, Tsubi and the Loading Zone team have found a unique way to participate in taking the local music scene forward. Fellow Loading Zone aficionados can always expect something fresh and interesting from Tsubi"s sets, ranging from full-psy, psy-prog, techodelic, all the way to downtempo. And at the end of the day when it"s time to go out, isn"t that what we"re all after: something fresh, something new, something with a groove.

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Ozora Festival (Hungary / 2004-2011)
S.U.N. Festival (Hungary / 2013)
Vibe Festival (Czech / 2013)
Boom Festival (Portugal / 2012)
Glade Festival (UK / 2012)
Full Moon Festival (Germany / 2009)