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See YOU in the S.U.N.shine!

 We are looking forward to welcome you to S.U.N. Festival 2014 in Bercel, Hungary! The festival will take place from July 22nd till July 27th plus an additional night of after party in the Chill Out.

In the past days we suffered from attacks on our original event page, so we moved the event to this site, hoping that this will bring an end to these problems.

Just to make it clear: S.U.N. Festival will take place as planned, the preparations are in full swing and more and more people from all over the world are gathering and uniting under the Sun.

We are looking forward to celebrate together with all of you united as ONE under the SUN! ♥

See you in the S.U.N.shine!

Links: Event page on Facebook & S.U.N. Festival webpage

Upcoming BMSS releases

ShivaTree - Cosmic Waves - Out on 31.07.14 via Beatport

BMSS Records is proud to present "Cosmic Waves" - the latest sonic manifestation by ShivaTree from Israel. The two master-minds behind this project deliver three musical gems which combine cutting edge Psychedelic Trance with a huge Retro Goa flavor of the 90"s, a bridge between the ages which for sure is going to kick up some dust this summer season!

ManMadeMan - Scarabeus - Out on 05.08.14 via Beatport

Do you remember the time when a track labeled "Goa Trance" consisted of a unique story and represented a piece of sonic art taking you to other places, states of mind and consciousness? These times seem to be long gone...but there is hope on the way, a new horizon is about to appear and the first light shining through is reflected by two sonic wizards from the UK: ManMadeMan. We at BMSS Records are more than proud to present you "Scarabeus", a three-track master-piece of these true Pioneers of Goa Trance.

First demos online here:

Welcome Gnomes of Kush to BMSS!

 We are extremely happy to welcome Gnomes of Kush to our label roster!

Gnomes of Kush is a project from the fertile mind of Tony D Oporto, also known as The Gnome. A native of Southern California, Tony has been at the forefront of electronic music culture since the early 1990"s where he has worked in a variety of styles that include Psychedelic Trance, Ambient and Chill-Out backed by countless performances throughout North America.

He recently worked and remixed our good friends of ManMadeMan and has some upcoming cooperations with our brother its easy to understand why we had to sign simply fits! :)

Welcome on board buddy, we are looking forward to your first release with us which gonna be out soon...

Gathering of the Sun: Mixed by Dj Cholo (BMSS Israel)

Enjoy the latest Promo Mix of Cholo from BMSS Records Israel featuring full power Psytrance with a certain Retro vibe. This is the perfect mix to welcome the Sunshine. Enjoy!

Back on the air: Interconnected (Mixed by Boom Shankar)

"It was about time for a fresh sonic output from my Mixer and here it is, my latest on-the-fly Dj Mix: Interconnected!

This journey is dedicated to all my fans and followers who have supported me for almost 20 years, thank you guys so much! In addition, it pays respect to the interconnectedness of 3 of my families: BMSS Records, Transition and S.U.N. - 3 crews I love working with, sharing and connecting our ideas, visions and projects, a trinity which means the world to me!

A massive thanx as well to David Vigh from the S.U.N. family for his amazing graphic I used as a background - it perfectly symbolizes my aim and what matters to me in this scene: to connect! Much love to all of you and thank you all for your continuous support, it means a lot to me!"

More info: BMSS - S.U.N. Festival - Transition

Welcome to the Magic Mountain gathering!

 We would love to welcome you to the upcoming edition of the Zauberberg (Magic Mountain) party series high above Heidelberg in Southern Germany!

BMSS Records once again teamed up with Harlequins Universe to bring you a night of psychedelic extravaganza set in a stunning location above the old castle of Heidelberg.

The Line Up features Dj sets by Boom Shankar, Datacult, Fohat and Maximus so you can be sure about a fantastic wave of sound ranging from Progressive Trance to Psychedelic Goa Trance and back...

The decorations on the Main Floor will be provided by Jamas, a full UV wonderland is guaranteed. In addition, we will amaze you by the stunning new mapping concept of Sumishii Aran, something not to be missed!

Make sure you ll come early as this party is limited. Last edition was sold out at midnight, so come on time especially as we kick off already at 9pm!

We are looking forward to a fantastic night with all of you! See you in the clouds and dont forget to dress up, this is a Harlequins carnival night featuring Elves, Trolls, Magicians and Wizards. Those of you who have been on the previous editions know how we roll! :)

More info via:

Facebook & Goabase

Datacult & ManMadeMan & BrightLight - The Source

 Datacult comes up with a massive foundation of energy and atmosphere by providing us with a taste of German top-notch Progressive Psytrance, manifested in The Source.

Together with the oldschool veterans of ManMadeMan and the latest sonic export from Israel, BrightLight, Datacults debut EP on BMSS guides you through electrifying circuits between Psytrance and Progressive, resulting in a dynamic and intense formula.


01: ManMadeMan & BrightLight - Make up your mind (Datacult Remix)
02: Datacult - Robot (ManMadeMan Remix)
03: Datacult - Shades

Mastering: Silicon Sound
Design: Kuluri

Release date: Out now via Beatport!

Out now on BMSS: Try2Fly / Walls of Mystery

 Try2Fly are back with their debut EP on BMSS Records!

Following the success of their first album, Faith, Vladimir and Vangel have been busy working towards completing their second album and as a taster of things to come offer us this journey. Let your senses be activated as you feel your own sphere of consciousness expand and join this tale:

"While nature gently walks through its creations, whispering its prayer, every little being starts to move and shine, telling its own story . The story of awakening. Then it begins, the awakening of all senses, every smell, every sound, every drop, every little breath, creating their own sphere, slowly floating around, becoming one. Creating the walls of mystery..."


01: Try2Fly - Walls of Mystery
02: Try2Fly - Gaia

Mastering: Silicon Sound & Outsiders
Design: Kuluri

Release date: Out now via Beatport!

Gather with us in the S.U.N.shine!

Gather with BMSS Records in the S.U.N.shine! We are looking forward to some amazing days with all of you at S.U.N. Festival 2014 in Hungary with Aodioiboa, Boom Shankar, Cholo, Datacult, Vjane Juladi, Odiolab, Omka and Tectum from BMSS - lets interconnect!

Out now on BMSS: Middle Mode / Half Life

 We are counting the days for our next release by our good friends of Middle Mode. Half Life will be out on June 1st via Beatport, stay tuned!

Middle Mode latest EP contains a special formula, a mix of psychedelic and progressive but with a huge retro flavor to produce a space perfect for any dance floor. The pair have been producing music since 2004 and now present Half Life, their first release on BMSS Records that brings with it deep psychedelic atmospheres with driving baselines and cutting edge production skills.


01: Middle Mode - Half Life
02: Middle Mode - Multiverse

Mastering: Johannes Regnier (Silicon Sound)
Design: Hakan Hisim

Release date: Out now via Beatport!

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