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Out on BMSS: Psychedelic Revolution by Gnomes of Kush

 Setting the pace for 2015, Gnomes of Kush brings us a stunning new compilation of first class Psychedelic Trance music. This compilation delivers the perfect stash bag of both outdoor festival rockers and indoor club hits. Featuring artist like Sideform, Sonic Entity, ManMadeMan & Nerso, as well as Middle Mode, Datacult and Kiva & Gnomes of Kush himself.

Wake up and dance, it is time again for the Psychedelic Revolution!

BMSS artist Gnomes of Kush is a project from the fertile mind of Tony D"Oporto. A native of Southern California, Tony has been at the forefront of electronic music culture since the early 1990"s where he was amongst the first musicians to pioneer the Psychedelic Trance sound in the United States and Mexico. He has worked in a variety of styles that include Trance, Ambient and Chill-Out backed by countless performances throughout North America.

Get Psychedelic Revolution at Beatport

Out on BMSS: Multiverse Chronicles by Dj Tsubi

 Dj Tsubi, one of the latest members of the continuously growing BMSS Records family, has been an active participant of the Psy Trance scene since 2000. Listening to his first compilation and the various tales it unfolds, we can take a glimpse into the alternate realities of his musical multiverse.

Cutting edge Psytrance and a classic touch, uplifting melodies and sounds of the darkest forests, the most danceable groovy rhythms and massive technoid beats, ancient chants and computer-programmed melodies - all have earned their place in this selection of exceptional tracks by internationally well-known artists such as Braincell, PsiloCybian, ManMachine or Para Halu as well as promising new talents like Sequoya, Datacult, Labyr1nth, Aurafood, Spiritcat or Hadron Orchestra.

A perfect reflection of a label philosophy with only one goal in mind - spreading quality psychedelic electronic music.

Out on Psyshop (CD), Beatspace (CD), Goastore (CD), Bandcamp (Digital) and Beatport (Digital).

A flourodelic upgrade: Welcome Mimesis to our family!

 We are honored to welcome one of the most interesting decoration crews to the BMSS Records family:

Mimesis from Barcelona.

Their philosophy is based on the fractal geometry and the golden ratio, which, in addition to their beautiful personalities, perfectly fits to our concept and aim!

You can see the manifestation of their art in the coming edition of Alice im Wummerland in ready to be warped into a flourodelic wonderland!

Welcome brothers and sistas, we are more than just happy to intensify our teamwork!

More info & photos on their profile page on BMSS and down the rabbit hole this way...

Suduaya & By The Rain - Secrets of the Universe

 Suduaya & By The Rain are back together with a 2 track EP that goes a bit off the road from their previous releases: "Secrets of the Universe" will drive you from deep beats via Dub inspired D"n"B breaks to powerful & melodic Trance grooves. Those tracks already had a great impact on dancefloors world-wide, making people stomping heavily and flying high! We at BMSS Records are more than just honored to release these gems with these exceptional artists!


01: Suduaya & By The Rain - Secrets of the Universe
02: Suduaya & By The Rain - Space Shifting

Mastering: Fahad Abdulaal
Design: Art of Nabura

Release date: 29.12.14 via Beatport and 2 weeks later via Bandcamp

Out now: Lupin & OwnTrip - Toxic Frequency

Enjoy our latest Progressive Psytrance release! Lupin`s & OwnTrip`s new EP is out now via Beatport and soon via Bandcamp...

Lupin & OwnTrip - Toxic Frequency

 The perfect alliance arrives with this 2 track EP by Lupin & Owntrip. The outcome is no other than this: a pure progressive Psytrance journey consisting of a combination of the best influences from both artists joined together in these two magical tracks. They enjoyed working together on this EP very much and were even surprised by the performance and the flow they were achieving, giving them a feeling of total satisfaction.

The resulting tracks feature lovely melodic flows, strong basslines and rhythmic elements, great production techniques and an overall amazing sound-scape. What`s more, both tracks have their own history and develop a perfect trip for the dancefloor, and a perfect tool for DJs.

Toxic Frequency is this kind of release, we at BMSS Records are thrilled to share with you - enjoy!


01: Lupin & OwnTrip - Toxic Frequency
02: Lupin & OwnTrip - Karma Projection

Release date: 22.12.14 via Beatport and 2 weeks later via Bandcamp

Out now: Cimi - The Goodfellas

Enjoy our latest Progressive Psytrance release! Cimi`s new EP is out now via Beatport and soon via Bandcamp...

Cimi - The Goodfellas

 The progressive side of M-Theory returns to BMSS with two cutting-edge remixes of his goodfellas.

Enriching "Simulated Reality" by Soul Kontakt and Boom Shankar with a massive upgrade of tribal kicks and groove and adding a hypnotizing atmosphere and rhythmic surrounding to "Swing Volley" by Etic and Sonic Sense, this EP perfectly shows Marcello`s long-term experience in creating Psytrance with a deep and progressive touch.


01: Soul Kontakt & Boom Shankar - Simulated Reality (Cimi Remix)
02: Etic & Sonic Sense - Swing Volley (Cimi Remix)

Mastering: M-Theory
Design: Erick Locohood

Release date: 16.12.14 via Beatport and 2 weeks later via Bandcamp

Out now: Ilai - Rise Above

Enjoy our latest Progressive Psytrance release! Ilai`s new EP is out now via Beatport and soon via Bandcamp...

Ilai, Nerso & Flegma - Rise Above

 Ilai has been well known as a producer who perfectly combines Psychedelic and Progressive Trance, and his first EP on BMSS Records is no exception of this very successful formula.

Rise Above features a beautiful solo track and an epic remix of the already classical gem "Sensei" from Nerso and Flegma. An EP which clearly not only stands out from the masses, but rises above!


01: Ilai - Rise Above
02: Nerso & Flegma - Sensei (Ilai Remix)

Mastering: XSI
Design: Erick Locohood

Release date: 09.12.14 via Beatport

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