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Sephira - Monkey Tales

 Sephira proudly presents his first release on BMSS Records, Monkey Tales. A collection of stories told from a timeless space, where magic meets curiosity to create an emotional pilgrimage.

One that starts, like many other good tales, with Once Upon A Time… Moving through playful spaces and the night of the jungle you reach a sunrise, signalling your journeys end and an opportunity to reflect on your experience and it`s personal meaning. In truth, you are the story teller, you always have been.


01: Sephira - Once Upon A Time…
02: Sephira - Able`s Journey
03: Sephira - The Blue Magnetic
04: Sephira - Gathering Of The Douroucoulis
05: Sephira - Call Of The MonKat (Feat. Kat de la Mare)
06: Sephira - Hanguman Sunrise (Feat. Daniel Waples)

Mastering: Colin OOOD
Design: Matthew Crick & Lily Seidel

Release date: 28.10.14 via Bandcamp

Out now: Kiva & Gnomes of Kush - Modulated Mantras

Enjoy our latest EP release! Out now via Beatport...

Kiva & Gnomes of Kush - Modulated Mantras

 Kiva and Gnomes of Kush are two veterans of the American psychedelic trance scene coming together to bring you this feisty new progressive Psytrance release "Modulated Mantras". Combined with a banging remix by the UK"s ManMadeMan this one is sure not to disappoint dance floors anywhere!


01: Kiva & Gnomes of Kush - Modulated Mantras
02: Kiva & Gnomes of Kush - Modulated Mantras
(ManMadeMan Remix)

Mastering: XSI
Art: C.H.E.
Design: Kiva

Release date: 08.10.14 via Beatport

Welcome PsiloCybian to BMSS!

 We are thrilled to welcome PsiloCybian to our label roster!

PsiloCybian defines the future in the moment of playing, because music is his alchemy. Rhythmically atypical and not recycled, he gains the biggest amplitude being musically and dance dominant because of the greatest intensity possible.

His past is merged into his future, minimalism is in his style and ever present. Sound information impressed in the brain of the listener is a collection of attributes of any musical entity being presented in the determined time and under specific conditions.

We are extremly happy that PsiloCybian finally fully joined forces with BMSS Records after some already very successful releases with us. Listen to his latest EP together with Black Noise here!

His upcoming experimental album "Unfold Oneself into Endlessness" will be out on BMSS in late autumn of 2014, stay tuned...

Listen to "Alice im Wummerland VI" by Takttrauma

 This set is mixed by Takttrauma from BMSS Records and it is a contribution to the "Alice im Wummerland" party series whose next edition will be taking place the 11.10.2014 - 12.10.2014 in Mannheim (Germany)

This psychedelic journey brings you through a land of fat progressive basslines, clearly sophisticated dark sounds and serious (partly ethnic) deep melodies.

On this trip you will accompanying by wonderful artist like Egorythmia, Liquid Soul, Aquafeel, Zyce, Ace Ventura and many more...

Trip in and try to find out how deep the rabbit hole really goes...

Listen to "On Air" by Anam Fio

 "On Air" mixed by Anam Fio from BMSS Records is a contribution to the radiOzora Trance Channel broadcasted 02.-07.09.2014.

Made with love for music lovers.

This sonic safari is a fine blend of Progressive & Psygressive Trance drawing attention to a deep mind space aswell as to funky rhythm and lucid frequencies. 120 minutes featuring top-notch artists such as Nitrodrop, Darma, Black Mesa, Datacult, ManMadeMan, Hujaboy, Easy Riders, Major7 and many more, including latest releases and some goldies.

Tune in and drop out !

Out now: Kali - Typology

Enjoy our latest EP release! Out now via Beatport...

Kali - Typology

 Creativity strikes back with the latest sonic revelation of Kali!

Combine a juicy and fat production with oldschoolish vibes referring back to the 90`s and you come close to what`s Typology is all about, a master-blaster release we are more than happy to share with you!


01: Kali - Spooky Stuff
02: Kali - Typology

Mastering: XSI
Design: Hakan Hisim

Release date: 11.09.14 via Beatport

BrightLight & Symbolico - Question answered

 "Is there life on Mars?" "Are we going to transform into another spiritual being after we die?" "What is the meaning of life?"

These are essential questions, but unfortunately, we can`t provide you with an answer. But let`s try again:

"Is there Psychedelic Trance out there which is not following the same structures, patterns and boring trends?"

This is the kind of question BrightLight & Symbolico can answer! And they reply to it with a massive sonic output, a musical versatility and a creative answer unlike anything you have heard before.

Combine BrightLights` taste of pure spiritual Psytrance, his tribal approach and his cutting-edge production skills with Symbolicos` holistic vision of the term Psychedelic and his wide definition of the genre labeled Progressive Trance and the outcome is something quite unique, a fusion of two friends, of two artists forming a union of sound, music and spirit.

Question answered consists of four tracks, collaborations and remixes, perfectly show-casting the intellectual and truly artistic approach of those two producers. Once again, the outcome is far more than the sum of its parts...


01: BrightLight & Symbolico - Question answered
02: Symbolico - Starlit Sand (BrightLight Remix)
03: Symbolico - Magical Chi (BrightLight Remix)
04: Symbolico - Allow

Mastering: Shahar Wolper
Design: Kuluri

Release date: 26.08.14 via Beatport

Hujaboy - Fractured

 Hujaboys` latest revelation of sound takes you on a high-voltage full-power Psytech journey through all layers of the psychedelic bubble by using the latest sonic tweaks and effects. Nir provides a supaclean cutting-edge production and a deep dive through the world of Psychedelics, manifested in this two-tracker:


We at BMSS Records are more than happy to enrich our scene with something truly unique, something truly psychedelic and trippy. Hujaboy never followed the common structures, he gives a beep about trends and tendencies, but remains true to his musical other words, this is art again, this is different and this is rocking and fully tripping your balls off!


01: Hujaboy- Mindset=Free
02: Hujaboy - Fractured

Mastering: Nir Shoshoni
Design: Hakan Hisim

Release date: 18.08.14 via Beatport

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