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Boom Shankar - Interconnected (Spring 2014 Mix)

 Our BMSS Records label baba Boom Shankar just uploaded a fresh mix which is a "sonic thank you" message to all his fans and followers and pays respect to the interconnectedness of our scene, primarily focusing on his label, Transition Festival and S.U.N. Festival! Check it out and check it in, this is a full power ride!

"This journey is dedicated to all my fans and followers who have supported me for almost 20 years, thank you guys so much! In addition, it pays respect to the interconnectedness of 3 of my families: BMSS Records, Transition and S.U.N. - 3 crews I love working with, sharing and connecting our ideas, visions and projects, a trinity which means the world to me!

A massive thanx as well to David Vigh from the S.U.N. family for his amazing graphic I used as a background - it perfectly symbolizes my aim and what matters to me in this scene: to connect! Much love to all of you and thank you all for your continuous support, it means a lot to me!"

(Mixed with Pioneer CDJs & DJM)

Welcome to Transition 2014!

Summer is starting April 10th! We are looking forward to welcoming you to 5 days of music, magic and psychedelic Trance in the National Park of Donana in Andalucia / Spain, we are looking forward to welcoming you to Transition Festival 2014!

Click for an instant warp through the rabbit hole towards Transition /></a>
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Presale tickets via:
Event page:

Welcome to BMSS Miss Butterfly!

 We are very happy to announce that BMSS Records is once again growing by the signing of some of the most interesting and promising artists our scene has to offer!

In the coming weeks we will reveal our fresh talents, but already today we follow the gentleman approach of "Ladies first" and are more than just happy to welcome Miss Butterfly aka Djane Nicoletta to our label!

Nicoletta will be our representative in the Austrian capital of Vienna where she is already unleashing her colorful style which ranges all the way from Chill Out to Progressive Psy and to Psychedelic Full On.

Welcome on board sista, we are more than just happy to having you within our realms!

Check out the full profile of Miss Butterfly for some of her mixes and more...

Out now: Champa / Hiya Hiya EP

 Full Power Psy Trance returns to BMSS Records with the latest revelation of UKs mastermind Champa.

Hiya Hiya contains 3 sonic blasters, all massively dancefloor tested and fully approved by audiences world wide...these are gonna be the sort of tracks you will hear for quite a while spun by your favorite mix masters. A massive production, beautiful melodies and a groove of its own, Hiya Hiya has the ability to bring you to a higher level through the consumption of audial delights. Have a bite!


01: Champa - Beyond known Space
02: Champa - Tomorrow Land
03: Champa - Hiya Hiya

Mastering: Leon Gossler (Tactic Mind / Israel)
Design: Djane Tati (UK)

Release date: 28.03.14 via Beatport

All info on Transition Festival 2014 in one file

Transition Festival is coming closer and closer...about time to update you on this years program, schedule and all other basic info you need to ensure a fantastic time with us in the magic pine forest of Almonte!

Click for an instant warp through the rabbit hole towards Transition 2014 /></a>
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The Trancendance series is now digitally available!

Dance, Trance and Transcendence. Body, Mind and Soul...a trinity of the deepest kind. German based Dj Boom Shankar has gathered more than 40 producers from all corners of the world to transform this concept into a sonic delight spread over the course of 3 CDs.

Featured Artists:

Aiodaya & Anukai Arun • Atoned Splendor • Audioform •Block Device • Braincell • Champa • Datacult • Disco Doden • Eat Static & Tribal Tul • Egorythmia (Suduaya Remix) • Etnica & Pleiadians • Hypnocoustics & Touch Tone • Insomnia (Outsiders Remix) • Ital • Kali • Kri • Lucas & Mechanimal • M-Theory • Mahamudra • ManMadeMan • Martian Arts & JP (ManMadeMan Remix) • Middle Mode • Mojo (Tectum Remix) • Nebula Meltdown •Odiolab • Outsiders • Paramatma • PhasePhour & Ibojima •Pogo • Psilocybian • Pulsar & Thaihanu • Saga • Soul Kontakt & Boom Shankar • Try2Fly & Spirit Architect

Click for an instant warp through the rabbit hole towards Trancendance on Beatport /></a>              <br style=

Trancendance Prologue: BeatportBandcampBeatspace (CD)Psyshop (CD)Goastore (CD)
Trancendance Denouement: BeatportBandcampBeatspace (CD)Psyshop (CD)Goastore (CD)
Trancendance Epilogue: BeatportBandcamp (March 10)Beatspace (CD)Psyshop (CD)Goastore (CD)

Heliopolis - The official S.U.N. Festival movie 2013

 Enjoy the official S.U.N. Festival movie, a movie documentary unlike anything you have seen before!

Concept: Bedzsula Ádám és Vigh Dávid

Producers: S.U.N. Festival - Global Illumination - Independent Reality Film
Written by: Bedzsula Ádám & Bodóczy Zoltán
Edited by: Bedzsula Ádám & Port Ferenc
Camera: Port Ferenc - Dénes Andrea - Dure - Hencz Péter - Omar Tagelsir - Már András - Bedzsula Ádám
Sound recordings: Somló Pali - Seres Bálint - Bodnár Wajda Dávid
Post production: Vigh Dávid
Sound mixing: Dure & Oleg


Bodóczy "Undosz" Zoltán - Gólem - Bedzsula Dalma - Móró "Gén" Levente - Nigel Photon - Baji Miklós Zoltán - Maczó László - Vigh Dávid - Simon Baring - Armin Boom Shankar

Out now: Trancendance (Epilogue)

 Dance, Trance and Transcendence. Body, Mind and Soul...a trinity of the deepest kind. German based Dj Boom Shankar has gathered more than 40 producers from all corners of the world to transform this concept into a sonic delight spread over the course of 3 CDs.


01: Etnica & Pleiadians - Plasma Light
02: Braincell - Pranayama
03: Psilocybian - Wahan
04: Try2Fly & Spirit Architect - Nuclear Device
05: Hypnocoustics & Touch Tone - Hourglass
06: Soul Kontakt & Boom Shankar (Lightsource) - Spirit of Nature
07: PhasePhour & Ibojima - Supersonic
08: Egorythmia - The Resurrected (Suduaya Remix)
09: Aiodaya & Anukai Arun - Language of the Universe
10: Nebula Meltdown - In the dawn of pure Light

Bonus Track:

11: Pulsar & Thaihanu - Duerme

Mastering: Silicon Sound (France)
Design: Hakan Hisim (Turkey)

Release date: 21.02.14 via Beatspace (CD), Psyshop (CD), Goastore (CD) and on 25.02.14 via Beatport (WAV & MP3)

Trancendance: Denouement focuses on the second state of the transcendental experience, the experience of Trance. A wide range of sub genres unite in harmony to deliver the message of Trance in a truly psychedelic form. Tribal elements and rhythms in a meditative, but still dynamic way, are a key element, giving you the chance to drop your ego and to vanish in Trance.

Audible messages were received from pioneers of the Psy Trance and Goa scene such as Eat Static, Tribal Tul, ManMadeMan and Pogo. These are also melted with an amalgamation of young neural engineers such as Atoned Splendor and Audioform, who seem to speak the same sonic language but with a fresh urban accent. New talents such as Datacult and Tectum join the symphony of Trance with their cutting edge approach to the term Psychedelic, but with a Techno background. Lucas, Mechanimal and Ital deliver the cherry on the cake by dropping massive basslines, sonic bombs of stomp and dust while Odiolab finishes this chapter with an outstanding Opera of Psychedelic Classical Trance.

On top, find three bonus tracks of Kri Samadhi, Lemurians" latest revelation Disco Doden and a yummy remix of ManMadeMan to Martians Arts "Connected" as part of this centre of the Trancendance release. Denouement takes you on a journey through a wide range of styles, all following the principle of Trance that gives a perfect outlook to the third chapter of this audible triptych release, the final Epilogue part.

A series of mind bending artworks by Hakan Hisim is included in the release giving you the chance to visualize this experience in a breath-taking way. Hollistic, Psychedelic, Transcendental.

Vjane Juladis new Live Video performance

Our VJ Juladi is getting more and more into live video performances and interactive installations. She startet 2013 a collaboration with Miktek (Ultimae Records). They met at the S.U.N. Festival in Hungary and decided to make some projects together.

She specializes in analog and handmade visuals. Responding live to music, she experiments with the movements of her hands and body in addition to placing various objects in front of the camera: feathers, leafs, fabrics, fire, etc. to create mesmerizing effects which are sent through a video mixer and out to a screen. Her live-video-dance performance is still pretty new and always catches the eyes of the audience.

Juladi interactive video dance performance - VJ Festival Nuremberg - Germany Music: Miktek from Elke Juladi on Vimeo.

Welcome to Transition Festival 2014

Transition & BMSS Records welcome you to 5 days of magic, nature and Psychedelic Trance in the National Park of Donana! Our Audio alchemists for this edition include Atmos, DJ Lucas, Penta, Egorythmia, Boom Shankar, Djane Gaby, Mechanimal, Sephira, Champa, Soul Kontakt, Saga, Daksinamurti, DJ Tsubi and many more...

Join us, gather with your beloved family and lets enjoy Nature, Music and Love, dance with us under the Pine tress, share your smiles with the international tribe and lets create once again a bubble of good vibes! We are looking forward to welcoming you back to Wonderland...

Transition Festival: 10th - 15th of April 2014 (Almonte / Spain)

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