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The Rebirth of the SUN

SUN Festival is showing its first rays of light!

On the 21st of December 2012 the tribes will unite in Israel for "The Rebirth of the Sun"

For the Maya at high noon on December 21, 2012 the Sun will be in front of the Dark Rift and the Sacred Tree will be high above them. This day will contain the "Sacred Triple Rebirth of the Sun".

The Long Count calendar pinpoints a rare alignment with our Milky Way Galaxy, due to occur in 2012 – a date written as in the Long Count. It is a scientific fact that the astronomy that will unfold in the sky on the precise day of the Winter Solstice of 2012 will place the Sun in front of the Dark Rift, as seen from Earth. This alignment occurs only once every 25,800 years.

So the triple rebirth of the Sun as follows:

☀ The daily rebirth of the Sun at sunrise
☀ The yearly rebirth of the Sun on the day of the winter Solstice
☀ The yearly rebirth of the Sun on the day when it is in the middle of the dark rift

We are looking forward to this new chapter of magical gatherings! Come on board and join us for a peaceful international musical gathering in Israel @ an enlightening open-air location to celebrate the mystical "Sacred Triple Rebirth of the Sun" astrological event.

Rebirth of the Sun is presented by:

Moksha - Brother Moon Sister Sun - Iboga - IONO - Human Touch - T.I.P. World - Twisted - Ultimae

...and you...and you dont wanna miss that one! :)

More Info:

Special Spices / Collected by Boom Shankar (Dj Mix)

It took him some years to create another experimental and panoramic Chill Out set, but here it is:

Special Spices / Collected by Boom Shankar

2 hours of mind-bending sonic delights, trippy, psychedelic and... different...its more of a journey than a normal mix but all the dots are connected to ensure a continuous flight.

His goal was to take you through different states of consciousness, through different states of reality and to lead you through a wide selection of feelings, emotions and thoughts. This is secured by a wide selection of wholehearted artists such as Aes Dana, Solar Fields, Sephira, Ancient Core, Suduaya or Argaman.

Special Spices will take you somewhere, the direction is given, but the flight is yours!

...Transmissions are about to be received...

Egorythmia, Hypnocoustics, Sonic Species & Avalon, Headroom & Zen Mechanics, Sephira, Zyce, Ovnimoon, Soul Kontakt and Hypnoise are among the plethora of producers who are involved in this latest release by BMSS Records. Boom Shankar and Alexsoph spent the last year sampling the highest calibre of audible delights from around the world and have managed to create an epic musical story consisting of 23 tracks, given to you in two chapters (CDs).

Chapter one is fuelled by the energy of the Sun, giving lashings or progressive and morning drenched psychedelic trance tunes. As the sun goes down so does this CD end… but not the compilation! The second disk is infused with the energy of the Moon, our friend of the night, which is why this final chapter consists of those moving twilight psychedelic and goaish soundscapes of the night time variety.

The full journey of this 2CD monster (with an additional 3 bonus tracks to download!) really does showcase the wide spectrum of audible treats our lovely scene has to offer.
Transmissions Banner

Marco Scherer @ Fest Der Liebe - Listen and download the set

Peace, Love, Happiness... here we go with another set by Marco Scherer aka Meller, recorded this weekend. Listen at Mixcloud below or download the set here. If you like that kind of sound, be sure to checkout Marco"s Techtrance Sessions iTunes Podcast.

Boom Shankar & Alexsoph Live @ Hadra Trance Festival 2012

Enjoy the live recording of Boom Shankar & Alexsoph @ Hadra Trance Festival (France / 2012). We played in the morning after Cosmosis, the weather was windy, dusty and cold...but during our set the conditions changed and it became nicer and nicer....thus reflected in the music.

Unfortunately the first 40 minutes of our set were not recorded thanx to our shitty recording device, but at least we managed to get the recording started at the "perfect" moment...the ceremony was about to begin...hear for yourself! :)

Throughout the mix there are a few glitches which are once again a result of our recording device...however, I think you wil probaly hardly notice any of them. In case you do, please excuse! :)

Enjoy this mix, its the first Back2Back session we "release" and probably not the last. We attached a track video as well which was recorded during our last case you were there, this should bring some nice memories back!

Start of the Indoor Season 2012

The indoor season is about to start! After a fabulous summer it`s time to gather inside and we have something which will warm your heart: BMSS is part of SchmoX Family`s ressurrection party, happening the 29th of September in Munich.

Here is your chance to witness one of the rare performances of the legendary Man with no Name, alongside cutting-edge Djs such as Lucas, Shane Goby or Gaby.

BMSS will be represented by Boom Shankar and Oleg on the decks, Jamas and NeoNovy will make sure everythings ready for your illumination and Sumishii Aran will take care about visual delights.

We are looking forward to seeing you on the floor!

SchmoX Family on Facebook
SchmoX Family on Goabase

Transition 2012 / The official video

Let your mind rewind back to the golden days in the National Park of Donana where Transition kicked off the European Open Air season 2012. Our Vj Team Sumishii Aran did their best to channel the vibes, impressions and the lovely family character Transition is known for into this video. Music was provided by Lightsource, the new project of Soul Kontakt and Boom Shankar. We are looking forward seeing you during Easter in Almonte when Transition will kick off the European Open Air season 2013! Make sure you ll join us!

Meller / Spanish Fly (The Remixes)

Our Progressive side is back with 4 fresh remixes of the classic Meller Spanish Fly EP featuring New Age Hippies, Soul Kontakt, Tectum and Meller themselves. This EP is definitely reflecting the the sound of the 2012 summer: fresh, juicy, mellow and moving!

The tapas & tequila monster Don Juan forces you to immediately put on your sombrero and order a Margherita, Geisterbahn is a breeze of Trance, playing with hypnotic guitar sounds and an engaging atmosphere gluing you to the dance floor and Organic enters the psychedelic area with mind bending sequences and straight beats. The remixes speak for themselves as they rise the bar even higher... Vamonos!

The EP is out August 24th and available here:

Juno Downloads

Memories and Impressions from Somuna

We are back from an amazing gathering in the swiss alps: Somuna

Somuna is in our opinion what this scene was once about, but what is mostly forgotten nowaday: Peace - Love - Unity - Respect. Peace of the mind, peace between all taking part, love shining through the music, visible in all the faces of the participants, Unity of all who took part, no matter if on the stage, on the dancefloor or behind the scenes, Respect towards Nature, towards oneself and respect towards all others...

This years Line Up included artists such as Hipi, Kollegoli, Donat, Man with no Name, Shamane, Oleg, Terrafractyl, Oxya, Sephira, Wabi, Boom Shankar, Sensual Squeak, Prometheus, Heterogenesis, Hypnagog, Yade, Suduaya, Hypnocoustics, Cosmosis and Interconnekted.

A huge amounts of bands such as Orange, U.R.I.N.I.M.U., Ecosphere Project, Freedom Cafe or Almerim were responsible for giving the festival a very special and organic touch.

We are deeply thankful for this experience dear Somuna family! Please have a look to our photo gallery for more impressions.

Somuna Impressions

R-Tur / Infinite Dreams is online to Bandcamp

We uploaded our latest release by R-Tur / Infinite Dreams to our Bandcamp page!

Bandcamp offers by far the fairerst deals in comparision with all the other major download platforms, so you dont need to pay any handling fee, wav upgrade fee or anything similar.

This is the reason why we chose to focus our releases to this platform.

Have a look, all our previous CDs and EPs such as:

VA / Transition
VA / Cosmic Connections
Atma / Music Revolution
Hypnocoustics / Ashtamangala
Hypnocoustics / Buddha Nature
Soul Kontakt / Inner Eye

are online.

In addition, we made the choice to upload all upcoming ones to Bandpage first, so keep this page bookmarked.

Check it out and stock up your collection!
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