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Dissy & Overcast
Star with no Planet

Catalogue no.:Sun073
Release date:2016-05-09
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Dissy & Overcast, two prolific artists from Israel, bring you their first EP on BMSS Records. Using their own style of sonic black magic, invoking rough metal sounds, spirited leads, thrilling bass"es and sharp percussion, they have conjured up "Star with no Planet".

These tracks are teeming with supernatural melodies, kaleidoscopic riffs distilled from early morning flights of fancy and familiar samples. This EP works best as the Ultra Violet moonlight fades and the sun rises.


01: Dissy & Overcast - Troubled Tyrion
02: Dissy & Overcast - Star with no Planet

Mastering: Stryker Masterings
Design: Overcast

Release date:

09.05.16 via Beatport (Digital)