From the Northernmost tip of our home planet, PhasePhour of Norway comes to life between the adept and practiced hands of John Egeland and Eldar von Essen. Defying definition, their Full On style evokes the scopious depths of Scandinavian landscapes in addition to being dancefloor friendly, even at home. PhasePhour & Sabretooth form this new BMSS allegiance and slam down in theatrical style "Hipster Hippies". The EP features the original track plus a remix by Sabretooth.

Sabretooth twists it all up into a psychedelic tornado that carves across the dance floor under a sky filled with deep thunderous bass lines, the rumbling hypnosis of techno beats and synths that strike like lightning. Stryker Masterings has, as always, intensified each composition with precision and restraint.


01: PhasePhour - Hipster Hippies
02: PhasePhour - Hipster Hippies (Sabretooth Remix)

Mastering: Stryker Masterings
Design: Anna Karenina

Release date:

25.04.16 via Beatport (Digital)

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