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The Key
The Light within the Darkness

Format:CD and Digital
Catalogue no.:BMSS1CD016
Release date:2016-02-24
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Ascent, Hakan Hisim, The Key

Release info

The Key, an innovative vision plucked from the mind of Ovnimoon from Chile, mixes the psychedelic and progressive sounds of the prolific Ascent from Serbia with the powerful emotions that fuel Progressive Psytrance.

With pure fine touches of magical ideas that expand through their music into our harmonious universe, Stuardo & Bojan have soared over both distance and borders bound by the profound alchemy of friendship and fellowship. Using brilliant technical precision, The Key steps forth and delivers tight, definitive Psyprog tracks that encapsulate and stay true to the euphoric delirium of that old school Goa sound.

Artist: The Key (Ovnimoon & Ascent)
Title: The Light within the Darkness
Label: BMSS Records
Cat no.: BMSSCD016
Format: CD & Digital Download
Design: Hakan Hisim


01: The Key - Magic Wind
02: The Key - Birth of a new Flower
03: The Key - The Source of this Energy
04: The Key - Trance Mantra
05: The Key - The Voice of the Universe
06: The Key - Enlightened Souls
07: The Key - Mindfulness
08: The Key - Feel the Present
09: The Key - Tridimensional Abstractions

Mastering: Ovnimoon
Design: Hakan Hisim

Release date:

26.02.16 via Psyshop (CD) & Beatspace (CD) & Goastore (CD) and 29.02.16 via Beatport (Digital)