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Sonic Arts

Catalogue no.:Sun068
Release date:2016-02-15
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Speed and acid combine to form Lunatica. From the laboratory of the maverick musical scientist Lupin, this complex synergy of high speed elements, acidic atmospheres, splashes and dashes of psychedelia bubble over pulsating basslines and explosive sounds. These are all parts the new equation Lupin has solved. With two tracks one towards the moon, one towards the sun, (both dancefloor scorchers) Lunatica not only asserts new formulas, but does so with a complete level up in sonic engineering skills.


01: Lunatica - Sonic Arts
02: Lunatica & Hypatia - Mundo Lisergico

Mastering: XSI
Design: Lupin

Release date:

15.02.16 via Beatport (Digital)