There are only few dance floor tracks out there which you would call soul touching. Soul Kontakt is one of the acts who manages to produce spiritual and divine music which works on your soul as well as on your body. Beautiful melodies go along with a deep atmospheric ambience. Music which makes you longing for your inner self, music with the purpose of opening your inner eye.

BMSS Records is very happy to present the Inner Eye EP, created by Malta-based Colin Piscopo aka Soul Kontakt. He is still an insider"s tip for the international scene, even though his previous release on Ektoplazm skyrocketed to download numbers beyond 15.000 units. Inner Eye perfectly captures the essence of morning trance with the clean and distinctive style Soul Kontakt is known for.

Fans of the uplifting side of psychedelic trance will not want to miss these overflowing compositions of beautiful heartfelt melodies, smooth emotional atmospheres, and genuinely positive energy.


1. Soul Kontakt - Inner Eye
2. Soul Kontakt - Stellar Voyager
3. Soul Kontakt - Freeflo Velocity
4. Soul Kontakt - Supernova

Mastering: Tim Schuldt (4CN)
Design: Daniel Borg (Kuluri)

Release date: 10.12.10 via Beatport

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