PsiloCybian strikes back with another master-piece of authentic Psychedelica! His second album on his home label BMSS Records "Godhead" is a tribute to the Gods of the forest. Right from the start, he lures you into a cosmic woodland, that transmutes track by track. Melodic riffs touch on the hustle of rock and roll, while "Mad as a balloon" is a chunky undulating track, enveloped in higher orchestral elements ending with a pulsating bassline.

It leads neatly into "I can feel my Brain". With a light touch of percussion, and elements that wind round and upwards the second track is an ascent into new verdant realms. Having defined the limits of this unfamiliar world, PsiloCybian teases us with an ethereal moment or two before taking us down once more, with deeper melodies, that echo in the background with various pads and effects.

Each track creates a sense of curiosity about what is coming next. In "Oddwood", we drift along, radiating outwards to the edges of our cosmic forest. "Godhead" the title track once again draws us upwards. Metallic atmospheres and a calculated, but experimental approach to layering leave us with a sense that we are perhaps, listening in on intergalactic transmissions.

Atypical effects push the limits of familiar acid riffs which combine, collapse and quiver back to life creating a sense that darkness is creeping away making way for the lightness of the last tracks. A must have for psychedelic grown-ups!


01: PsiloCybian & Braincell - Mad as a Baloon
02: PsiloCybian - I can feel my Brain
03: PsiloCybian - OddWood
04: PsiloCybian - GodHead
05: PsiloCybian - Sphagnum
06: PsiloCybian - Fatline
07: PsiloCybian - Flitzed Out
08: PsiloCybian - Trippy looking sunsets
09: PsiloCybian & Audioform - From another Dimension
10: PsiloCybian & Deimos - Unforeseen Consequences

Mastering: PsiloCybian
Design: Sumsky Illustrations

Release date:

27.11.15 via Psyshop, Beatspace, Goastore (CD)
30.11.15 via Beatport (Digital)
13.12.15 via Bandcamp (Digital)

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