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Dark Nebula
Before Time

Catalogue no.:Sun063
Release date:2015-10-20
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Dark Nebula, known for quirky amusing sampling, and riffs that transition through the mid ranges to create prismatic atmospheres has forged sonic adventures worthy of any full on dancefloor. Over more than a decade, he has imagined and released 10 albums and has been featured on over 90 compilations.

Before Time is Dark Nebula`s first release on BMSS Records and a new addition to our fledgling canon of moon orientated EPs dreamed up for night time dance floors. Before Time is a monastic soundscape, filled with stuttered bells, and vocal samples that gather speed over heavy driving basses pulling the listener out of bounds with haunting but subtle melodies.


01: Dark Nebula - Before Time [145 Bpm]
02: Dark Nebula - Psychedelix [143 Bpm]

Mastering: XSI
Design: Soraya Louisa Putra