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Format:CD and Digital
Catalogue no.:BMSS1CD013
Release date:2015-04-14
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Hakan Hisim, Odiolab

Release info

BMSS Records proudly presents Medieval, the stunning debut album of the Greek band Odiolab. A versatile excursion through sonic spaces and audible pathways, a voyage through a vast range of Up-tempo celebrations and Down-tempo meditations, grooves, rhythms and arrangements. The two members Labros and Diogenes offer a unique approach to the terms Psychedelic and Trance through a story telling and surprising concept which has it"s true influences in the ancient Greek mythology. Classical instruments form a harmony with the latest inventions technology has to offer. The result is an epic album which pays respect and tribute to all time classics, but will surprise the experienced listener and the demanding audiophile. This is truly music!

"The ecstatic vision of madness leads down under to the god of thunder. Drawn on her breast is the golden ratio. As darkness falls, waves rise higher but the lighthouse stands tall. Leading the spirit to the vertex where conceit lurks."