PsiloCybian returns to BMSS with a wondafantabolous album showing his musical versatility and genius. "Unfold oneself into Endlessness" is this kind of sonic gem which will become an instant classic due to its fully artistic approach, uniting genres of Psychedelica with Downtempo, Chill Out, Ambient and even some sparkles of Drum "n" Bass.

This is a holistic masterpiece we at BMSS Records are honored to share with you, hoping it will enrich your open mind with new sensations and soundscapes...


01: PsiloCybian - Wonderfantabulous
02: PsiloCybian - Dreamability
03: Psilocybian - A thing about inconsequent Reverberation
04: PsiloCybian - Pathways
05: PsiloCybian - Science Friction
06: PsiloCybian - Strawberry Fields
07: PsiloCybian - Unfold Oneself into Endlessness
08: PsiloCybian & Deimos - Waveform with a mind of its own
09: PsiloCybian - Yield
10: PsiloCybian - NLO
11: PsiloCybian - Let me tell you about a weird Dream

Mastering: PsiloCybian (Croatia)
Design: Saša Dukić (Croatia)

Release date: 07.11.14 via Psyshop, Beatspace, Bandcamp and via Beatport.

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