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Monkey Tales

Catalogue no.:Sun037
Release date:2014-10-28
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Sephira proudly presents his first release on BMSS Records, Monkey Tales. A collection of stories told from a timeless space, where magic meets curiosity to create an emotional pilgrimage.

One that starts, like many other good tales, with Once Upon A Time... Moving through playful spaces and the night of the jungle you reach a sunrise, signalling your journeys end and an opportunity to reflect on your experience and it`s personal meaning. In truth, you are the story teller, you always have been.


01: Sephira - Once Upon A Time...
02: Sephira - Able`s Journey
03: Sephira - The Blue Magnetic
04: Sephira - Gathering Of The Douroucoulis
05: Sephira - Call Of The MonKat (Featuring Kat de la Mare on Cello)
06: Sephira - Hanguman Sunrise (Featuring Daniel Waples on Hang Drum)

Mastering: Colin OOOD
Design: Matthew Crick & Lily Seidel

Release date: 28.10.14 via Bandcamp