"Is there life on Mars?" "Are we going to transform into another spiritual being after we die?" "What is the meaning of life?" These are essential questions, but unfortunately, we can`t provide you with an answer.

But let"s try again: "Is there Psychedelic Trance out there which is not following the same structures, patterns and boring trends?" This is the kind of question BrightLight & Symbolico can answer! And they reply to it with a massive sonic output, a musical versatility and a creative answer unlike anything you have heard before.

Combine BrightLights` taste of pure spiritual Psytrance, his tribal approach and his cutting-edge production skills with Symbolicos` holistic vision of the term Psychedelic and his wide definition of the genre labeled Progressive Trance and the outcome is something quite unique, a fusion of two friends, of two artists forming a union of sound, music and spirit.

"Question answered" consists of four tracks, collaborations and remixes, perfectly show-casting the intellectual and truly artistic approach of those two producers. Once again, the outcome is far more than the sum of its parts...


01: BrightLight & Symbolico - Question answered
02: Symbolico - Starlit Sand (BrightLight Remix)
03: Symbolico - Magical Chi (BrightLight Remix)
04: Symbolico - Allow

Mastering: Shahar Wolper
Design: Kuluri

Release date: 26.08.14 via Beatport
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