Hujaboys` latest revelation of sound takes you on a high-voltage full-power Psytech journey through all layers of the psychedelic bubble by using the latest sonic tweaks and effects. Nir provides a supaclean cutting-edge production and a deep dive through the world of Psychedelics, manifested in this two-tracker "Fractured".

We at BMSS Records are more than happy to enrich our scene with something truly unique, something truly psychedelic and trippy. Hujaboy never followed the common structures, he gives a beep about trends and tendencies, but remains true to his musical other words, this is art again, this is different and this is rocking and fully tripping your balls off!


01: Hujaboy - Mindset=Free
02: Hujaboy - Fractured

Mastering: Nir Shoshoni
Design: Hakan Hisim

Release date: 18.08.14 via Beatport

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