It`s time to travel back to the golden age of the 90`s, to a time when analogue composition and original production were the key to a unique sonic experience. Skizologic did this travel and what he brought with him is the perfect bridge between the ancient times and the modern production skills: Adrenochrome.

We at BMSS Records are thrilled to release this special EP full of deepness, groove and heaps of Goa Trance, all in a design made to guide you through the night and early mornings. The cherry on top is the final track "Dreams" - a collaboration between Skizologic and BrightLight which will clear the density of this EP and will uplift you towards the morning light...


01: Skizologic - Adrenochrome
02: Skizologic - Space Rythem
03: Skizologic - Atmosphere
04: Skizologic & BrightLight - Dreams are a form of Consciousness

Mastering: BrightLight
Design: Hakan Hisim

Release date: 12.08.14 via Beatport

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