Try2Fly are back with their debut EP on BMSS Records. While nature gently walks through its creations, whispering its prayer, every little being starts to move and shine, telling its own story . The story of awakening. Then it begins, the awakening of all senses, every smell, every sound, every drop, every little breath, creating their own sphere, slowly floating around, becoming one. Creating the walls of mystery... Following the success of their first album, Faith, Vladimir and Vangel have been busy working towards completing their second album and as a taster of things to come offer us this journey. Let your senses be activated as you feel your own sphere of consciousness expand and join this tale.


01: Try2Fly - Walls of Mystery
02: Try2Fly - Gaia

Mastering: Johannes Regnier (Silicon Sound Germany) & Haim Lev (Outsiders Israel)
Design: Kuluri (Malta)

Release date: 19.06.14 via Beatport

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