Dance, Trance and Transcendence. Body, Mind and Soul...a trinity of the deepest kind. German based Dj Boom Shankar has gathered more than 40 producers from all corners of the world to transform this concept into a sonic delight spread over the course of 3 CDs.

Trancendance: Epilogue focuses on the third state of the transcendental experience, the experience of Transcendence itself. The presence of beauty and the achievement of bliss are the aims of this last chapter of this tripartite. The tools used to reach this goal are sonic, the character divine, sacred, soft, warm, transcendental... From founders of the Psychedelic Trance scene such as Etnica, Pleiadians and Braincell, who contribute brilliant examples of their primordial art to audible prodigies such as Psilocybian who simply amaze by their clarity and intelligent approach, this Epilogue of the Trancendance epic is a constant flow of positivity. Peaking in serendipitous moments, revealed by the tonal excursions of modern psylosophers such as Hypnocoustics, Touch Tone, Soul Kontakt and Boom Shankar"s new project Lightsource, the bonus artists Pulsar, Thaihanu and Try2Fly with Spirit Architect, the principle of harmony and of beauty is constantly felt.

This euphonic approach is best expressed by the amount of these musical cooperations throughout the release. These acoustical liaisons are as well manifested in the teaming up of PhasePhour with Ibojima or in Aiodaya and Anunaki Arun and their epic "Language of the Universe". A remix of Egorythmias" "The Resurrected" and the closing track of Nebula Meltdown "In the dawn of pure Light" verbally showcase the experience of transcendental rebirth which was the aim of this triptych CD.

A series of mind bending artworks by Hakan Hisim is included in the release giving you the chance to visualize this experience in a breath-taking way. Holistic, Psychedelic, Transcendental.


01: Etnica & Pleiadians - Plasma Light
02: Braincell - Pranayama
03: Psilocybian - Wahan
04: Try2Fly & Spirit Architect - Nuclear Device
05: Hypnocoustics & Touch Tone - Hourglass
06: Soul Kontakt & Boom Shankar (Lightsource) - Spirit of Nature
07: PhasePhour & Ibojima - Supersonic
08: Egorythmia - The Resurrected (Suduaya Remix)
09: Aiodaya featuring Anukai Arun - Language of the Universe
10: Nebula Meltdown - In the dawn of pure Light

Bonus Track:

11: Pulsar & Thaihanu - Duerme

Mastering: Silicon Sound (France)
Design: Hakan Hisim (Turkey)

Release date: 21.02.14 via Psyshop, via Beatspace and via Goastore

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