Dance, Trance and Transcendence. Body, Mind and Soul...a trinity of the deepest kind. German based Dj Boom Shankar has gathered more than 40 producers from all corners of the world to transform this concept into a sonic delight spread over the course of 3 CDs.

Trancendance: Prologue focuses on the first state of the transcendental experience, the experience of dancing. Cutting edge Full On meets Psytrance, where the past becomes the present with this sonic manifestation of brand new and previously unreleased audio magic which pays respect to the golden age of the 90s by transforming the message of Goa into a modern interpretation. Massive kicks and base lines meet oriental influenced melodies with occasional triplets that give you the chance to breath from the pumping and energetic journey which is unleashed by producers such as Outsiders, Saga, M-Theory, Mahamudra or Champa. Newcomers such as Kali and Block Device demonstrate their amazing level of production skills and established, fully underground artists such as Middle Mode and Paramatma show how deep the rabbit hole really goes and give an outlook to the second chapter of this audible triptych release - Denouement.

A series of mind bending artworks by Hakan Hisim is included in the release giving you the chance to visualise this experience in a breath-taking way. Holistic, Psychedelic, Transcendental.


01: M-Theory - Positive Intentions
02: Middle Mode - Endless
03: Block Device - Radioactive Fallout
04: Mahamudra - Stardust Tornado
05: Kali - Restory
06: Insomnia - Restore The Past (Outsiders Remix)
07: Outsiders - Completly Different
08: Saga - Escape
09: Champa - The Path
10: Paramatma - Mystical India

Mastering: Outsiders (Israel)
Design: Hakan Hisim (Turkey)

Release date: 24.01.14 via Beatport

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