The original and originality are two similar sounding terms with yet entirely different meanings. One denotes something unique, the first piece of its kind while the other stands for ingenuity. As different as the two words may seem at first glance, there still is a hidden connection between them.

On their new EP on BMSS Records, Meller and Tectum let their inquiring minds run wild. Carefully they disassemble the originals of various artists from BMSS such as Soul Kontakt and PhasePhour into their constituent parts, analyse their multiple interactions and set out on a search for the soul of the tracks - as well as their own. Utilizing bass patterns that will have you effortlessly moving in time to the deep pulsating spaces these guys once again show you that they do not conform, but set their own boundaries, and then break them.

Intelligent sound design, unexpected moments, tribalistic grooves and pure satisfaction. These are the things that best describe the latest offering from Meller and Tectum, presented in this Reconstruction for the highest of audible pleasure.


01: Soul Kontakt / Stellar Voyager (Meller Remix)
02: Tectum / Plastic Mind (Meller Remix)
03: PhasePhour / Monotron Part 1 (Meller Remix)
04: Meller / Rise of the Machines (Tectum Remix)
05: Meller / Geisterbahn (Meller 2013 Remix)
06: Tectum / Plastic Mind (Original Mix)
07: Meller & Pikachu / Rise of the Machines (Original Mix)
08: Meller / Reconstruction (Outro)

Mastering: Haim Lev (Outsiders) & Johannes Regnier (Silicon Sound)
Design: Kuluri Malta

Release date: 12.08.13 via Beatport

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