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Psilocybian & Black Noise
Space is a strange Place

Catalogue no.:Sun016
Release date:2013-07-30
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Psilocybian returns from the far reaches of our dimensional membrane with a new alchemical arsenal of driving psychedelia, showcased in this latest EP. Expect driving baselines with a heavy dose of playful and organic synthesis sprinkled with rhythmic percussion that, together, create a living soundscape of spaces long forgotten.

Vibrations have also been joined to bring you a fresh collaboration that sees the exquisite skills of Psilocybian presented with a healthy twist of Black Noise, the best of both these forces where the tracks are more than just the sum of the artists. This EP is best listened to loud, under the nightsky with plenty of space to allow you to get your stomp on and lose yourself in this most immersive of tales.


01: Psilocybian & Black Noise - Space Bubble
02: Psilocybian - God is a Mathematician
03: Psilocybian & Black Noise - Crystal Extractor

Mastering:Saša Dukic
Design: Psilocybian

Release date: 30.07.13 via Beatport