Our entire universe is constructed of subatomic particles whose energy, frequency and vibration orientate our very lives. With his new EP "Particles", Greek producer Luminous presents a mind-expanding ode to these fundamental particles.

A psychosomatic smorgasbord, blended at the speed of light in a sonic accelerator, fused, diffracted, reassembled and finally compressed to within an inch of its life; the EP features a pair of fast-paced dancefloor blasters that merge and loop a multitude of psychedelic elements with a subtle but powerful melodic touch.

The result is near-quantum wave particle duality and guaranteed dancefloor transcendence!


01: Luminous - Entangling Particles
02: Luminous - Particles Unleashed

Mastering: Plus Six Mastering
Design: Sketch inc.

Release date:

22.03.24 via Beatport and 05.04.24 via Bandcamp

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