The Quasars hit back with the powerfully twisted EP "Majestic Drunken Flights". The 2 fast and furious tracks feature an ether-infused Twilight Goa sound, combined with a liberal sprinkling of the exotic and a sneaky dash of the old-school.

The ensuing 3-dimensional sonic tale evokes liberation through the ability to fly, both literally and metaphorically. The human psyche is capable of soaring through time and space using imagination alone - but as sand requires the wind to dance, our minds sometimes need a little assistance to soar to higher dimensions.

With a grotesque yet graceful twist, The Quasars" evocative and ethereal trance will do just that!


1: The Quasars - The Freaking Sands are moving
2: The Quasars - Majestic Drunken Flights

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: Sketch inc.

Release date:

05.05.23 via Beatport and 19.05.23 via Bandcamp

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