Long-standing BMSS DJ Takttrauma returns with a second EP for his crepuscular new project Molecularia. Composed around the anthropological notion of "liminality" - a nebulous state occurring amidst a rite of passage during which all social norms, personality and the world itself temporarily dissolve - the 2 featured tracks offer a brooding and sophisticated soundscape for the listener to lose themselves in.

Like a cavernous spirit-world, the emerging soundscape is at once dark and exhilarating. Haunting FX and shape-shifting synths accompany thundering basslines, propelled at break-neck speed by tectonic percussion and mind-warping transitions.

The result is a powerful twilight-meets-forest vibe that is certain to transition the dancefloor into a state of "liminality" and quasi-hysteria!


1: Molecularia - Seriously
2: Molecularia - Temple of Doom

Mastering: Scorb
Design: Theare.co.in

Release date:

14.04.23 via Beatport and 28.04.23 via Bandcamp

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