BMSS Records is proud to present "Emperor of Dreams", the latest EP from Mexican producer Triton.

Comprising three mind-bending tracks, the EP is a journey to the outer reaches of psychedelic soundscape...and beyond!

With its dark atmosphere and intelligent drums, "Vibration" (145 BPM) is a retro-futuristic sonic rollercoaster that will leave your senses reeling.

On a more more introspective tip, "Mutual Attraction" (147 BPM) explores the emotional side of Psytrance with its haunting vocals, ethereal pads, and hypnotic rhythms.

The EP concludes with the title track, "Emperor of Dreams" (148 BPM), an epic finale that combines elements of techno, L.A. Beats Scene, and Psytrance.

Triton`s production skills are on full display here, as he weaves together complex rhythms, atmospheric pads, and mesmerising melodies to create a sonic landscape that is at once familiar and completely alien.

With its blend of cutting-edge production techniques, innovative sound design, and otherworldly atmospheres, this EP is a must for any fan of meta Psytrance and experimental electronic music more generally.


1: Triton - Vibration
2: Triton - Mutual Attraction
3: Triton - Emperor of Dreams

Mastering: Plus Six Mastering
Design: Sketch inc.

Release date:

31.03.23 via Beatport and 24.02.23 via Bandcamp

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