BMSS Records proudly presents "The Research", the second full length album by Canadian maestro Narko. As the title suggests, the album is the product of 2 years of intense experimentation, tweaking and fine-tuning in the studio: a quasi-scientific process and enlightening spiritual odyssey all at once! The resulting 7 tracks paint a multicoloured psychedelic soundscape that is at once rich, deep, musical and mature.

From the outset, Narko engages the listener with a subliminal synth-based intro worthy of an operatic magnus opus. Backed with face-melting syncopated basslines, cavernous FX, and modulated FM synths, the album means business from the get go. At times almost operatic, at others driving and moody - and held together by outstanding production and meticulous attention to detail - the album immerses the listener on a multi-faceted and mind-warping journey from Full On into Psytrance.

"From Above Or Below", a collaboration with Virtual Light, is an absolute dance floor bomb. With "The Space Tribute", Narko delivers a heartfelt and suitably blasting tribute to the late Olli Wisdom aka Space Tribe. Concluding with the relentless "The Results", the album comes full circle and is brought to a satisfyingly psychedelic culmination.

The magnum opus has been appropriately completed with the finest analogue mastering courtesy of Plus Six Mastering and epic artwork from outstanding psychedelic designer Sati.

This really is the ultimate 1-hour psychedelic trip - the Narko way!


01: Narko - The Research
02: Narko - Hallucinations
03: Narko - Interplanetary
04: Narko - The Space Tribute
05: Virtual Light & Narko - From Above or Below
06: Narko - Delusionary
07: Narko - The Results

Mastering: Plus Six Mastering
Design: Sati Design

Release date:

18.11.22 via Beatport and 02.12.22 via Bandcamp

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