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Catalogue no.:Sun224
Release date:2022-06-03
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Long-standing BMSS DJ Takttrauma presents the much-anticipated debut of his new live project Molecularia. "Macrocycle" features a deep and powerful forest-tinged twilight sound - at once playful and sophisticated. Inspired by the circularity of life and the notion that, at a chemical level, all life is related, the 2 featured tracks take the listener on a subconscious trip to an eerie wonderland - a terra incognita populated by eccentric creatures and crazy freaks. This is a one mind-altering sonic journey you won"t want to miss!


01: Molecularia - Why is Six afraid of Seven?
02: Molecularia - Enchanted Forest

Mastering: Scorb
Design: Zeidgeiz

Release date:

03.06.22 via Beatport and 17.06.22 via Bandcamp