"Never Odd or Even" - a palindromic mantra that perfectly encapsulates BMSS Records` holistic and now legendary approach to Psychedelic Trance.

Label head and chief pilot Boom Shankar presents the mind-altering conceptual double compilation project "Ailihphilia" (meaning a love for palindromes - words you can read forwards and backwards). Reflecting the label`s dark/light dichotomy, LEVEL I is the "Moon side", featuring a heavy psychedelic vibe; the forthcoming LEVEL II is the "Sun side" featuring more trance-oriented anthems. Together they form a jaw-dropping 4-hour collection: one project, one journey, one narrative - a mirror of our souls, and a reflection of the deep psychedelic realms of the human psyche.

From the deep to the uplifting, old school to new school, EU sound to US sound, this monolithic trip spans every aspect of the Psychedelic Trance scene, and crucially gives the involved artists an opportunity to showcase the full spectrum of their sound by featuring several tracks within the project. In this sense, Ailihphilia is a true reflection, a mirror, of BMSS` unique modus operandi - an approach that unifies both established artists and legends with new talents and up-and-coming artists, an international crew of producers, DJs and other misfits who fly in the face traditional sub-genre boundaries, focusing instead on true creativity and a profound dancefloor experience.

LEVEL I is constructed in a similarly mirrored fashion: building up and climaxing, before concluding in the smoothest of landings. After all, what goes up has to come down!

The ambitious project is wrapped-up with a similarly holistic approach and attention to detail. Micky Noise (aka Wizzy Noise) at Plus Six Mastering applies his trademark analogue techniques to ensure a consistent balance and maximum sonic impact. On the design front, Miro Moric aka Sketch inc. has delivered two unique custom-made covers which perfectly encapsulate the concept.

With Boom Shankar at the helm, BMSS Records once again push the boundaries of the Psychedelic Trance scene whilst firmly acknowledging its roots...an approach perfectly encapsulated by the palindromic mantra "Never Odd or Even".


01: Electrypnose - Shnik Shnak Shnouk (Level Rotator Mix)
02: Datacult - Beyond Your Senses (Do Geese See God Mix)
03: Tektrix & Protonix - Primitive Minds (Never Odd Or Even Mix)
04: Triceradrops - Glare Into My Truth (Never Odd Or Even Mix)
05: The Quasars - Groovy Gravy (Tattarrattat Mix)
06: Sidekicks - Purest Strain Of Bass (Xanax Mix)
07: ManMadeMan - Hear We Go (Party Trap Mix)
08: The Trancemancer - Spiritual Experience (If I had a Hi-Fi Mix)
09: Fraktalika - Interdimensional Journey (UFO Tofu Mix)
10: Oumuamua - Psyche (Aibohphobia Mix)
11: Triceradrops - Ok Sick Ass (Murdrum Mix)
12: Molecularia - Eerie Fragments (Ailihphilia Mix)
13: Fraktalika - Fraktals in the Sky (Radar Mix)
14: Ninesense & Boogie Knight - Taco CaT (Step On No Pets Mix)
15: ManMadeMan - Pinbot Cha Cha (UFO Tofu Mix)
16: Muatoy - Absolute (Olo Mix)
17: Electrypnose - DiscoDisto (Level Rotator Mix)

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six Mastering] & Scorb [TRK Mastering] for Track 12
Design: Miro Moric [Sketch inc.]

Release date:

26.11.21 via Beatport [Full Journey & Individual Tracks], Spotify [Streaming] and via Bandcamp [Full Journey]

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