BMSS Records proudly present "Tribal Lineage 3", a high octane showcase of head honcho Boom Shankar`s favourite label releases of the past 12 months.

Staying true to the label`s holistic philosophy, the 17 tracks cover the entire psychedelic spectrum from day to night, though - it must be said - 2021 has revealed a distinct penchant for more nighttime-flavoured sounds! Nevertheless, Boom Shankar has put together a seamless flow of hallucinatory dancefloor fodder - a powerful trip from Goa-dusted daytime anthems through to profound primordial blasters.

More than a mere sonic journey, the compilation unites the sound and vibe of the worldwide BMSS family, a community of like-minded artists and friends, established label stalwarts and emerging underground talent, exposing and honouring unique producers who have at times stayed under the scene`s wider radar.

Ultimately, the compilation reflects Boom Shankar`s notoriously unrelenting sets and acts a warm-up for his next compilation, due in a few weeks. Watch this space for further supersonic underground psychotropic adventures!


01: The Trancemancer - Awakening (145)
02: Architekt - Tranquilized (145)
03: Sabretooth & Bunker Jack - Puffball (145)
04: Inverse Out - How do you feel? (147)
05: The Trancemancer - Trance Machine (145)
06: Dopek - First Trip (145)
07: E-Motion - Jungle Whale (148)
08: Oumuamua - Beyond the Singularity (148)
09: Triton - Mindlock (144)
10: Psychotropists - Shamanic Realms (142)
11: Algorika - Chimpanzee are you (146)
12: Arkadia - Life (146)
13: Soul Kontakt & Boom Shankar - Simulated Reality (Inverse Out Remix) (147)
14: The Quasars - Unknown Source (146)
15: Argon Sphere - Midnight Senses (145)
16: UNI - Adventrue (2021 Remix) (144)
17: Muatoy - Psychedelivery (146)

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six Mastering]
Design: BMSS

Release date:

24.09.21 via Bandcamp [Full Journey], Beatport [Individual Chapters] & Spotify [Streaming]

BMSS Artists on the release

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