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Black Dwarves

Catalogue no.:Sun220
Release date:2021-09-10
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Not one to leave the dancefloor too comfortable, Datacult serves up an eclectic array of psychedelic twists and turns with his new EP. The result is an innovative sonic landscape in which gritty textures merge with diverse timbres - mad singing monks, eerie FX and supersonic zaps combine unexpectedly, spurred along by powerful basslines and shuffling technoid rhythms. The Black Dwarves EP pushes the boundaries of the psychedelic mould and delivers a truly mesmerising experience.


01: Datacult - Black Dwarves
02: Datacult - Mind Monks

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: Sketch inc.

Release date:

10.09.21 via Beatport and 24.09.21 via Bandcamp