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The Spirit Molecule (Remix)

Catalogue no.:Sun219
Release date:2021-08-30
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Release info

Audiodact makes a striking debut on the psychedelic trance scene with a bold remix of one of the old-school, all-time classics: Chromosome`s "The Spirit Molecule". The original track having blasted its way through the worldwide festival scene in the mid 2000s, Audioact gives it a modern twist whilst retaining the vibe of the original masterminds Anders Nilsson and Linus Eriksson. An atmospheric and powerful take on a classic - at once futuristic and grounded in the psy trance scene`s roots.


01: Chromosome - The Spirit Molecule (Audiodact Remix)

Mastering: Metronome
Design: Sketch inc.

Release date:

27.08.21 via Beatport and 10.09.21 via Bandcamp