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Regibell 2021

Catalogue no.:Sun218
Release date:2021-08-13
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Release info

Japanese legend UNI takes us on a mind-bending psychedelic trip with his new EP "Regibell 2021". Featuring a plethora of textures and timbres, the two featured morning glory Psytrance epics sample eclectic and unexpected sources - creating a contorted psychotropic soundscape in the process. This is true psychedelic music equally suited to feeding the mind and fuelling the dancefloor. Two instant classics!


01: UNI - Regibell (2021 Remix)
02: UNI - Adventrue (2021 Remix)

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: HiRoKo Psychedelicafe

Release date:

13.08.21 via Beatport and 27.08.21 via Bandcamp