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Shamanic Realms

Catalogue no.:Sun216
Release date:2021-07-16
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Indo-European duo Psychotropists present a much anticipated follow-up to their BMSS label debut. Though the producers have yet to meet in person, their profound subconscious connection is abundantly clear from the EP’s two brain-melting tracks. Inspired by the notion of modern digital shamans, the resulting soundscape represents a mesmerising mystical journey. Hyper-psychedelic textures and mind-boggling FX are propelled at great speed on relentless basslines, leading the listener on a spiritual quest into the dense jungles of the mind and onto the throbbing mass of the dancefloor.


01: Psychotropists - Shamanic Realms
02: Psychotropists - Secrets of Time

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: Sketch inc.

Release date:

16.07.21 via Beatport and 30.07.21 via Bandcamp