BMSS label boss Boom Shankar is not one to shy away from pushing the boundaries of the psychedelic trance scene mould, and this release is no exception.

An ambient electronic world music live act from Greece, Labros XP (Odiolab) deliver a pair of profoundly evocative tracks for their first release on the label.

Title track "DigitalOne" is an anthemic marching number in which colossal pads paint a mournful but strangely uplifting picture...a haunting trip through nostalgic memories. "Love and Light" is a pulsing ethnic affair that grooves and chimes along relentlessly, generating an undeniable sense of optimism, love and light.

A perfect pair of tracks for a sunny afternoon at a festival, or simply escaping everyday life through a poetic sonic experience.


01: Labros XP - DigitalOne
02: Labros XP - Love and Light

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: Sketch inc.

Release date:

09.07.21 via Beatport (16bit) and 09.07.21 via Bandcamp (24bit)

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