Triton returns with two new sonic tales direct from the BMSS Mexican lab - this time exploring a deeper and more mature aspect of his craft. "The Opposite" is a reflection on life as a Psy Trance producer - a profound introspection that merges a cavernous but playful bassline with a profusion of glitchy leads and FX. "Mindlock" is composed around the notion of reality being a mere simulation - an eternal quandary that is reflected in this audio assault on the mind...

Triton`s new EP is a self-referential bomb that is certain to hijack both your mind and body.


01: Triton - The Opposite
02: Triton - Mindlock

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: Sketch inc.

Release date:

18.06.21 via Beatport and 02.07.21 via Bandcamp

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