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Bunker Jack & Sabretooth

Catalogue no.:Sun210
Release date:2021-05-10
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Bunker Jack, Sabretooth

Release info

Eminent BMSS residents Bunker Jack and Sabretooth combine forces to present the Puffball EP.

Featuring 3 fast-paced cutting-edge blasters, the fusion of Bunker Jack’s mind-altering psychotropic grooves with Sabretooth’s relentless driving sound is a potent and memorable concoction. A sprinkle of Goa-inspired melodies, a hint of psychosomatic FX and a liberal dousing of acid, the whole topped by a few hours’ simmering in a nuclear reactor and polished-off to a futuristic metallic finish. The result: an epic collaboration EP ready for a hopeful return to the worldwide trancefloors!


01: Bunker Jack & Sabretooth - Puffball
02: Bunker Jack - Made on Earth (Sabretooth Remix)
03: Sabretooth - Kinesia Paradoxa (Bunker Jack Remix)

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: Sabretooth

Release date:

10.05.21 via Beatport and 24.05.21 via Bandcamp and all other platforms.