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Muatoy (Inverse Out)
Antiphonic Shapes

Catalogue no.:Sun208
Release date:2021-04-12
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Release info

Founder and former member of Inverse Out Jukka returns to BMSS with an enthralling debut from his new project Muatoy. Featuring a mind-boggling and playful sound, this release is at once energetic, melodic, warm, and uplifting - a flurry of sonic forms interacting with one another in a groove-laden elixir.

The 2 tracks represent new beginnings, a new era, and remind us that when life gets you down, music can always be relied on to boost your soul!


01: Muatoy - Psychedelivery
02: Muatoy - Void Particles

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: Sketch inc.

Release date:

12.04.21 via Beatport and 26.04.21 via Bandcamp