Oumuamua is the new collaboration project of The Trancemancer and The Macedonian. Drawing on the story of the unknown interstellar object, this release explores the mystical notion of a journey through the universe.

The "Beyond The Singularity" EP introduces this new act with a bang by means of a pair of relentless high-octane nighttime monsters. Treading a fine line between Nighttime Full-On, Forest, Darkpsy, the tracks paint a futuristic soundscape of glitchy FX, modulated leads and full-throttle basslines.


01: Oumuamua - Beyond the Singularity
02: Oumuamua - Drug Destigmatization

Mastering: Oddwave
Design: Sketch inc.

Release date:

15.03.21 via Beatport and 22.03.21 via Bandcamp

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