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Big Wave

Catalogue no.:Sun203
Release date:2020-11-30
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Surf"s up! E-Motion kicks up a storm with his new EP on BMSS, "Big Wave". The EP"s 2 tracks feature mind-boggling modulated synths that are guaranteed to send you on a high octane ride on colossal sound waves. The pressure mounts to its crest, the current breaks as you are briefly blinded by the sun, and you will find yourself cascading down a psychotropic tide of mind-warping FX accompanied by a wild troop of UV baleen dancers.

This is groovy and fast-paced daytime Psychedelic Trance of the highest caliber!


01: E-Motion - Big Wave
02: E-Motion - Jungle Whale

Mastering: Stryker
Design: Piule Design

Release date:

30.11.20 via Beatport and 14.12.20 via Bandcamp