Ghost Note and Strange Cookies combine forces to unleash a mighty new EP on BMSS. Warped and funky in equal measures, this release tells a perverse cinematic tale filled to the brim with dark plots and unexpected twists.

"City of Angels" is a radiant blaster where massive sound design and glistening melodies ride a relentless bassline. "Zappa on Sex" - well the name says it all! - manages to fuse full-on vibes with an infectious raw funk...this is a track that is guaranteed to simultaneously trip-up and trip-out the dancefloor. Coming soon to a dancefloor near you!


01: Ghost Note & Strange Cookies - City Of Angels
02: Ghost Note & Strange Cookies - Zappa on Sex

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: BMSS

Release date:

03.02.20 via Beatport
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