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Dual Barrel
Adventure into Procrastination

Catalogue no.:Sun184
Release date:2019-12-24
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Get ready for an extraordinary voyage to nowhere and everywhere with Dual Barrel`s "Adventure Into Procrastination"!

A psychedelic concept album 8 years in the making, this is the story of two misfit cowboys on an epic adventure fuelled by a storming soundtrack. As the devilish duo discover a bizarre and twisted world filled with belligerent cacti and devious aliens, the soundscape evolves through Spaghetti-Western-inspired breakbeats to momentous honky-tonk digi-ballads, and - of course - electrifying psy trance. The resulting narrative is a filmic exploration of the boundaries of trance - and indeed all electronic music - production, backed by beautifully crafted illustrations to match.

In a world driven by money and time pressures, "Adventure Into Procrastination" is a refreshing and wonderfully crafted musical journey that you will know for sure has been created for the pure unadulterated sake of it...just because!


01: Saddle Up
02: Spaceroute 66
03: Raved New World
04: Jamming with Nasties
05: Baked Beanz and Coffee
06: Funky Space Trollz
07: Wild Space Express
08: No Sunset for this Cowboy
09: The Mystery Machine
10: The Alamo
11: Rain Dance
12: Honky Tonk Time

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: PsiloCybian

Release date:

24.12.19 via Bandcamp as a free download!