Ascent makes a welcome return to BMSS with a fresh tech-fuelled progressive monster worthy of the masterful Serbian producer`s reputation!

"The Decade Of Venus" is inspired by the birth of our solar system: Venus and Earth emerged from the pre-solar nebular with almost identical composition and size. Yet they evolved into two completely different worlds. Clouds of sulphur dioxide make Venus" intensely acidic troposphere an inhospitable hell, whilst our planet has magically birthed a plethora of life shielded under a protective atmosphere.

The resulting galactic track builds on the roots of the Goa trance sound and - by means of a funked-up submarine-deep bassline, gravity-defying grooves and tense atmospherics - takes us on an intrastellar journey to distant cosmic events via the inevitable trancefloor, and reminds us of the miracle of Earth`s life-cradling haven.


01: Ascent - The Decade of Venus

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: Mina BMSS

Release date:

25.11.19 via Beatport

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