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Spatial Plants
From Jungle to Space

Catalogue no.:Sun180
Release date:2019-11-05
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Release info

Come on a mind-boggling journey with Spatial Plants for their latest EP "From Jungle to Space". An unstoppable juggernaut of a release, the Russian duo have delivered an expertly-produced cutting-edge vision of futuristic psychedelic trance.

Imagine this: you are crawling through the depths of a damp, fern-filled jungle, teeming with robotic creepy-crawlies and fluorescent arachnids. It is at once magical and daunting - you are not sure whether you are discovering a primeval long-lost world or penetrating for the first-time a distant vision of the future. A great driving force then suddenly grabs your very soul and sends you hurtling at hyper-sonic speed into the great void of space. The arthropods that were once crawling over your skin have transmogrified into industrial space-pods that further propel your consciousness into the ether. You head uncontrollably into an all-consuming vortex of energy, accelerating inexorably towards - and into - a final blissful ball of light.

Sound good? Thought so. In that case "From Jungle to Space" is one to check out!


01: Spatial Plants - From Jungle to Space
02: Spatial Plants, Mergel & Psychoreen - You Sick

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: BMSS

Release date:

04.11.19 via Beatport