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Musical Meditation

Catalogue no.:Free002
Release date:2012-06-12
Get it here: Musical_Meditation_(BMSSFreeDigital002) Musical_Meditation_(BMSSFreeDigital002)

Release info

Musical Meditation is a Morning Psytrance album, that travels through a wide spectrum of psychedelic sounds. Meant to take control of the mind and body, this melodic journey creates a space for freedom of the spirit.

Music is meant to heal so as we dance into the paradigm of 2012, we feel the spirituality rising in our being and we are ready to accept new sounds and ideas. Our whole being is ready to resonate with this universe like never before. Musical meditation is the future of our tribes, coming from the ancient shamans, thus evolving, twisting and growing like a huge mandala. This music now reflects the roots while keeping the futuristic visions of Interconnekted.

Enjoy this second album out of a series of free web releases of our artists! Downloadable for free for our fans and followers from the 12th of June via BMSS as WAV (1. Link) and MP3 (2. Link).


01. Interconnekted - Into Freedom
02. Interconnekted - 5th Dimension
03. Interconnekted - Future Science
04. Interconnekted - Musical Meditation
05. Interconnekted - Astral Monster
06. Interconnekted - Holy Moment
07. Interconnekted - The next Step
08. Interconnekted - Oneness

Mastering: Julian Clvo Orquin (Multiman)
Design: Daniel Borg (Kuluri)