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Inverse Out & Vertical
Geometric Doctrines

Catalogue no.:Sun171
Release date:2019-09-02
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Inverse Out

Release info

Get ready for Inverse Out`s second EP on BMSS! A hypnotic 2-tracker, the release fuses fast-paced psychedelic trance with a spectral forest vibe.

"Objectone" is a dark but funky affair, laced with complex Goa-metric grooves and brooding transmogrified leads. "Platonic" is a collaboration with the legendary Vertical; bouncier but equally contorted, the track is a kaleidoscopic workout that will beguile and bewitch the trancefloor.

With "Geometric Doctrines", the Finnish duo have whiped-up a potent conconction that will mesmerise your mind with a myriad of psychoactive tricks and trips - sending you hurtling head-over-heels into a multidimensional jaunt of epic proportions!


01: Vertical & Inverse Out - Platonic
02: Inverse Out - Objectone

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: BMSS

Release date:

02.09.19 via Beatport