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The z-Axis

Catalogue no.:Sun170
Release date:2019-08-12
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Triton`s new EP on BMSS takes us on a hallucinatory trip between dimensions with a tough but playful pair of tracks.

"The z-Axis" is a humour-infused psychedelic workout that tells the tale of the Simpsons" adventures in the third dimension. "Wachuma" is inspired by the sacred cactus and its use in ancient tribal ceremonies - it reminds us that we can travel to new dimensions in our consciousness whilst remaining physically in the present one.

This is fast-and-furious and yet forward-thinking rave music that transcends the usual dimensions of psychedelic trance, whilst guaranteeing ultimate dancefloor satisfaction.


01: Triton - The z-Axis
02: Triton - Wachuma

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: Triton

Release date:

12.08.19 via Beatport