BMSS are proud to present their latest psychedelic compilation "Dead Residents". Expertly compiled and curated by Triceradrops, this is the first chapter in a unique showcase of US psy trance producers and their original sound.

Whilst every track features an individual vibe, the compilation is bound by cutting-edge production, attention to detail and accelerated BPMs - typical of the intense and unrelenting US psy sound. The collection takes the listener on a head-spinning journey through dark recesses of psychedelic production, every nook and cranny filled to the brim with mind-altering grooves.

The resulting sonic landscapes are reminiscent of the great awe-inspiring American outdoors: jagged waveform formations emerge unapologetically from epic desert-like expanses; poisonous robotic creatures lurk in colossal Redwood forests; mechanical behemoths cruise interstate highways free and unencumbered at breakneck speeds. Lush progressives vibes occasionally trick the dancefloor into a false sense of security before plunging headlong back into glitchy textures and twisted atmospheres. This is not a release for the faint-hearted!

Ultimately, Dead Residents brings US psychedelic production to the forefront of the worldwide psy trance scene for all to appreciate.


01: Triceradrops - Dead Resident
02: Jirah & Random - A Maze
03: Strange Cookies - Cookie Crumbles
04: Altered Space - Phase Shift
05: Uriya - Psychedelic Universe
06: Sidekicks - Mechanism
07: Tektrix - Complete Control
08: Primordial Ooze - Plush
09: Magnosis - Colorless
10: Psypien - Cactus Magic

Mastering: JJ Noriega [Triceradrops Mastering]
Design: Soraya Putra []

Release date:

08.07.19 via Bandcamp [Full VA] & Beatport [Single Tracks]

BMSS Artists on the release

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